Recent History

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The current year is 7E356 (Seventh Era, 356 – each era is 1,000 years). When referring to dates in the current era, most people omit the Seventh Era part.

The Great War

This has already been briefly described in The Modern World.

In 347, the corrupted races of the Devil’s Maw were united under the powerful sway of a particular Lich. It was only later discovered that the Lich had in fact been possessed by one of the Devils, thereby having the power to unite the barbaric creatures.

The armies of corruption swiftly poured out from the Devil’s Maw and into the Theocracy in an attempt to conquer the entirety of Gaia. At first, the other nations of the world didn’t believe the Theocracy’s cries for assistance, nor did they particularly care to come to the aid of the Theocracy, due to large philosophical and theological differences. Once the threat to the entire world was clear, however, the nations put aside their differences and joined in battle.

The United Kingdoms of Celtibrea, safe from immediate threat due to the waterways, was the last to join the effort, not doing so until 349, two years into the war.

It was ended in 350, after an elite squad of warriors drawn from the various nations deep into the territory of the Devil’s Maw, and managed to slay the Lich King and destroy the amulet which enabled him to be possessed.

With the death of the Lich and destruction of the amulet, the spell which controlled the corrupted races was broken, and they turned on each other and fled.

The war came with great cost to all nations, leaving many cities in ruin, armies severely weakened and treasuries drained.

Now six years on, the nations of the alliance are still reeling from the pain of war. Although they have officially retained the alliance, it is clearly growing weaker, and the elves of the Silver Forest have already closed off their borders.

The nations of the world are weak, and all people pray that the peace might last, for they may not be quite so successful were some new threat to emerge.

Recent History

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