Origins of Gaia

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Gaia is the name of the world, the entire world.

The Deus did not create Gaia, but rather conquered and settled it.

No one knows where the Deus came from or why they left that place, but what is agreed is that the Deus came to Gaia in search of a place to call their own, a place suitable for the creation and propagation of life.

When the Deus first came to Gaia, the world was a flat and largely desolate place, inhabited solely by great, hideous and divergent beasts engaged in an eternal war with one another. These beasts, now called demons or ancients, were incapable of death or compromise. Most were extraordinarily large and terrifying (think of the Watcher in the Water from LoTR,the Tarrasque from D&D, or Terramorphus the Invincible from BL2), while others were small but equally deadly. Nearly all were devoid of what we should call intelligence, with the sole exception being what we now know as the Arch-Dragons.

To bring new life to the world clearly required that the Deus remove these hideous beasts, which would surely seek to destroy any beings or life the Deus might create. But how do you rid the world of creatures which know no death? After consulting with one another, Bassileus Rex, the King of the Deus, declared that they would seek an alliance with the one identifiable species of demon capable of intelligence: the Arch-Dragons, led by the dragon queen Tiamat.

An agreement was reached between the Dragons and the Deus: the Deus would instruct the dragons in the creation of life, if in exchange they would help to rid the world of demons.

Together, Tiamat and her Arch-Dragons assisted the Deus in defeating the demons of the world, no small task. Incapable of out-right killing them, they were instead overpowered and then thrust deep into the world, creating what is now known as the Abyss; they remain there to this day, and all those who delve deep beneath the crust of Gaia should be wary less they tap into the Abyss and release the undying monsters.

With the demons thus defeated, the Deus set about reshaping the world into the place we know today; a place with mountains and valleys, with forests and rivers and great plains of flowing grass. They created the first races of Man – Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes and Hobbits, along with all the multitude of animals and beasts. They equally held up their agreement with the Arch-dragons, who created the creatures we know as dragons and dragonspawn; the named dragons themselves, as well as wyverns and kobolds and all the rest [there are a larger variety of so-called dragonspawn in this game than in the D&D MM].

For a time, all lived in peace, and the world was a place of great beauty and joy.

But the Arch-dragons, though possessed of great intelligence and magics, remained at their heart naught more than demons themselves, and their lust for power and destruction was not easily waned. As the races of men grew to create wealth and valuables, the Dragons sought to steal it for themselves. As their hoards grew, so too did their greed, until eventually they declared full war against the Deus and men, seeking to reclaim Gaia for themselves and attain ownership of all that existed.

While most of the Deus rose up in resistance to this treachery, some cast their lots with the Dragons, turning against their own kin in a vile scheme for domination. Thus the Deus were divided, those defending the first races of Men known henceforth as the gods, and those traitorous Deus who sided with the dragons known henceforth as devils. It was the devils who took the races of men and corrupted them into the monstrous humanoids including goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, bugbears, ogres etc. The war that followed was bloody and long, lasting for uncounted centuries, causing some to refer to it as the Unending War.

Of course, the gods triumphed in the end, casting the Devils, Tiamat, and the Arch-Dragons even deeper into Gaia, beyond the Abyss into the nine Hells. The gods themselves then rose up to the Heavens, leaving their earthly homes but remaining always watchful over the races of men. The continuing struggle between men, the corrupted races, and dragon-spawn are our constant reminder of this war, the sacrifice required by the gods and the sacrifices we all must continue to make in an effort for peaceful existence.

The story, however, does not end there, for it is well-known that the day will come when the Devils and Dragons will rise from their deep prison in a final effort to reclaim the world. On that day, known as Ragnorak, the gods will descend from their thrones, and there will be one final war to determine who rightfully rules over Gaia. The fate of that war is, of course, the subject of much debate, and no one can claim for certain just who will win.

Thus is the story of Gaia.

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Origins of Gaia

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