Chronicles of Gaia (Old)

Races of Men!

I’ve nearly completed the post of races, feedback greatly appreciated.

What we’ve got: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Half-Dwarves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Hobbits, Halflings, Half-bits, and Kender; plus sub-races where applicable.

What we’re missing: Half-gnomes.

I’m also not totally satisfied with half-elves…which is amusing to me, because half-gnomes should basically be the small race equivalent of half-elves, and I can’t figure it out.

Advice is welcome.

Also thoughts on relative power/abilities of half-dwarves and kender in relation to the other races greatly appreciated, as they are the biggest changes.

Scouts and Defenders

I’ve “posted” the Scout and Defender classes. I put that in quotation marks because the Scout is exactly as the class appears in the complete adventurer, and all I posted for the defender are minor changes to the Knight class from PHBII.

Requested Help

I’m concerned that the Defender class is under-powered; more specifically, I’m concerned that with the Pathfinder additions I’ve incorporated into the fighter class, a fighter built specifically for defense could out-defend a defender.

That’s not good. But I’m also not sure that that’s the case.

If you have access to a PHBII and feel up for it, I would love for one or more people to build a 20th level defender and 20th level defense focused fighter (same race & abilities, and post how they compare.

If I add more abilities to the defender, it may become a divinely-powered class (with defensive stance ability and a small selection of maneuvers/stances from Tome of Battle).


Clerics have, for the most part, been detailed in the Classes section. More information on devoted paths and the option to exchange spell advancement for divine maneuvers will be forthcoming.


The Sorcerer class has been added to the Classes section. This is the biggest overhaul of all the classes, and is far more related to the Warlock class than the standard Sorcerer class. While I haven’t yet assembled the list of available invocations, these will be drawn primarily from the dragon invocations described in the supplemental D&D book Dragon Magic and supplemented with standard Warlock invocations.

Any feedback on the new sorcerer class is welcomed. The biggest gripe for any players selecting this class will likely be the eventual randomness of advancing as either sorcerer or dragon disciple; there will be roleplaying elements that can help to reduce the unpredictability of this, but the flavor of wresting control of the blood is important to me.

Beta Testing

Calling all Guinea Pigs!

If you would be interested in helping me test out gameplay elements as well as virtual tabletop gaming, please reply to this post with your expression of interest and general availability – day of the week and time frame (including time zone).

Thank you!

Note that this will require patience, a strong grasp of standard 3.5 rules, and creativity.

Note that this will also be an opportunity to create a bunch of characters at different levels, and the extremely rare insistence that you attempt to break the game with your selection of abilities.

Calling All Saints!

Give me more Saints!

Saints are mortal beings who rose to such prominence and power in their lives, as well as favor with the gods, that they have achieved demi-god-like status.

While I have already and continue to come up with some of the more important and famous ones, there should be a plethora of saints in the world – more than even a standard cleric would know by heart. As a model of reference, real world Catholics aren’t even sure how many saints there are – at least 800 or so, with some estimates as high as 8,000.

Of course, I can come up with saints on my own or on the fly as needed, but I think it’d be a lot of fun if potential players and other gamers come up with additional saints for the world.

SO – Get creative!

Read through The Deus, Religion and Worship, and The Modern World to get an understanding of the gods and countries, and then post up some saintly characters, with as much or as little of the following information as you’d like:

  1. Name (Once I post races, you can follow conventional naming conventions)
  2. Race
  3. Gender
  4. Patron Saint of: (i.e. farmers, brewers, lost items, skipping, singing, gambling, rats, etc)
  5. Country of Origin
  6. History and Notable facts

Don’t be offended if I change any of these details. Also it’s wholly possible that your saint can be incorporated into the world canon without he/she ever being of note in the game. Just know that you’re adding flavor and it’s really appreciated!!

The Great Skills Debate

At first, I really loved the simplified skill list used by Pathfinder.

Now, the more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to go back to standard 3.5 skills, and just adopt a few things from Pathfinder skills.

Moving silently and hiding really are two different skillsets, as are listening, spotting, and searching. Sure, players rarely take Use Rope, but that’s because players rarely have a reason for doing so…it shouldn’t just be included in some other skill. Also, deciphering scripts, forging documents, and learning new languages aren’t the same thing, nor are balancing, tumbling, and jumping.

The groupings do make some sense, but I think what I’ll do is perhaps add more synergy bonuses while retaining the standard skill lists.



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