Chronicles of Gaia (Old)

The Great Skills Debate

At first, I really loved the simplified skill list used by Pathfinder.

Now, the more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to go back to standard 3.5 skills, and just adopt a few things from Pathfinder skills.

Moving silently and hiding really are two different skillsets, as are listening, spotting, and searching. Sure, players rarely take Use Rope, but that’s because players rarely have a reason for doing so…it shouldn’t just be included in some other skill. Also, deciphering scripts, forging documents, and learning new languages aren’t the same thing, nor are balancing, tumbling, and jumping.

The groupings do make some sense, but I think what I’ll do is perhaps add more synergy bonuses while retaining the standard skill lists.



If anything ga,es need more skills and then make use of them. Good choice

The Great Skills Debate

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