Chronicles of Gaia (Old)

Scouts and Defenders

I’ve “posted” the Scout and Defender classes. I put that in quotation marks because the Scout is exactly as the class appears in the complete adventurer, and all I posted for the defender are minor changes to the Knight class from PHBII.

Requested Help

I’m concerned that the Defender class is under-powered; more specifically, I’m concerned that with the Pathfinder additions I’ve incorporated into the fighter class, a fighter built specifically for defense could out-defend a defender.

That’s not good. But I’m also not sure that that’s the case.

If you have access to a PHBII and feel up for it, I would love for one or more people to build a 20th level defender and 20th level defense focused fighter (same race & abilities, and post how they compare.

If I add more abilities to the defender, it may become a divinely-powered class (with defensive stance ability and a small selection of maneuvers/stances from Tome of Battle).



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