Chronicles of Gaia (Old)

Beta Testing

Calling all Guinea Pigs!

If you would be interested in helping me test out gameplay elements as well as virtual tabletop gaming, please reply to this post with your expression of interest and general availability – day of the week and time frame (including time zone).

Thank you!

Note that this will require patience, a strong grasp of standard 3.5 rules, and creativity.

Note that this will also be an opportunity to create a bunch of characters at different levels, and the extremely rare insistence that you attempt to break the game with your selection of abilities.


John Q. Testdummy’s body is ready.

Beta Testing

(all times given will be in Florida time as well as military)
well you know i have thursdays and fridays off, i work on the weekends from 0800-1500 and monday-wensday from 1500-2100. weekends are my time with suzette but every other weekend starting this weekend she is at school

Beta Testing

Depending on how my courseload goes this week, I might want to at least have us play around with the website I’m considering using this Friday.

On weekends when Suzette is at school, what timeframe could you play during?

Beta Testing

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